The list of all papers published by JCSCM:
Handling of over-dispersion of count data via Truncation using Poisson Regression Model
Flight Control System Design Optimization via Genetic Algorithm Based on High-Gain Output Feedback
Numerical Solution of Hirota-Satsuma Coupled MKdV Equation with Quantic B-Spline Collocation Method
Statistical Study of the Stochastic Solution Processes of Stochastic Navier-Stokes Equations Using Homotopy-WHEP Technique
A Parallel Search on Hypercube Interconnection Network
On the Commutator Subgroups of Groups of Order 8q
A Framework using an Evolutionary Algorithm for On-call Doctor Scheduling
Comparison between KNN and ANN Classification in Brain Balancing Application via Spectrogram Image
Solving system of DAEs by Modified Homotopy Perturbation Method
Modified Homotopy Perturbation Method for nonlinear system of second-order BVPs
Throughput Analysis of TCP SACK in comparison to TCP Tahoe, Reno, and New Reno against Constant Rate Assignment (CRA) of 2500 and 4500 bps
Correlation between Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis on Image Quality of Digital Dental X-ray Images
Semiempirical Calculations of the Proton Affinities of Some Quinolone Derivatives
A Study of the Feasibility of Citizens’ Equal Access to Urban Services by Gini Coefficient
Boolean Function Classification Using Hybrid Ant Bee Colony Algorithm
An Expert System Approach for determine the stage of UiTM Perlis Palapes Cadet Performance and Ranking Selection
Application of Pseudo-Analysis on Reduction of Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations
Effects of an Insoluble Surfactant on the Deformation of a Falling Drop Towards a Solid Surface
Application of ICC Statistics and Their Hypothesis Tests
On Approximation of Functions by Product Means
Comparing Ridge Regression and Principal Components Regression by Monte Carlo Simulation Based on MSE
Entrance Region Flow of Casson Fluid in an Annular Cylinder
A Simple Method for Image Encryption Using Chaotic Logistic Map
Application of Doss Transformation in Approximation of Stochastic Differential Equations
Numerical Solution of linear and nonlinear Periodic Physical Problems using Fourier spectral method
A Generalized Stackelberg Model With Noisy Observability and Incomplete Information
Is Perfect Bayesian Equilibium a Subset of Nash Equilibrium?
The Fibonacci Primes Under Modulo 4
An Asymptotic Result in a Pure Birth Stochastic Process
B-spline Collocation Approach to the Solution of Options Pricing Model
Synchronization between Fractional-Order Lorenz-Stenflo Systems Based on Open-Plus-Closed-Loop Control
Matched-Pair Classification Analysis on Siblings' Gait Biometric Data
An Improved Combined Shewhart-EWMA Chart based on Double Median Ranked Set Sampling
Mobile Learning: A QoS study on Video Conferencing over WiFi/WiMAX network
A Wavelet Operational Matrix Approach for Solving a Nonlinear Mixed Type Fractional Integro- Differential Equation
Energy Management for Cloud Computing: A Survey from Scheduling Perspective of Heuristic, Game Theory and Learning Strategy
New Exact Traveling Wave Solutions for the Zakharov Equations and the Coupled Klein- Gordon- Zakharov Equations
Solving Dynamic Equation by the Non-Standard Finite Difference Method
Performance Analysis of Interior Gateway Routing Protocols across Different AS
Stagnation Point Flow over a Permeable Shrinking Sheet with Slip Effects: Suction Case
Finite Element Analysis of Precast Lightweight Foamed Concrete Sandwich Panel Subjected to Axial Compression
Independent Gamma Variables of McKay Distribution for Rainfall Model
Random Variables and Probability in Cricket Game Management
A New Mechanism to Tag Collision Avoidance in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Systems
Preliminary Study of Knowledge Management (KM) Practices in Malaysian Automotive Industry
Causes of Low Mathematics Achievements in a Private University
Sketch Based Image Retrieval by Using Feature Extraction Technique
Preservation of Sharp Edges on 2D Drawing Using B-Spline Curve
Investigation into the Essence of Intelligence: The Theoretical Foundation and Design
Existence of X-optimal Solution of Fractional Programming Problem with Interval Parameters
Power Management and Handoff Evaluation of Mobile Telecommunication Infrastructure in Kuching, Sarawak
Appling Homotopy Analysis Method to Solve Optimal Control Problems Governed by Volterra Integral Equations
Design Features and Success Factors for Desktop VR in Learning Environment
The Linear GARCH Modelling of Nigerian Stock Prices
Divisor Graphs and Powers of Trees
Hybrid Bubble and Merge Sort Algorithms Using Message Passing Interface
Aggregation of Flexible Chainlike Walkers in Off-Lattice Space
Superconvergence Results for the Iterated Discrete Legendre Galerkin Method for Hammerstein Integral Equations
Visualization of Crime Data Using Self-organizing Map (SOM) and Improvement in SOM: A Review and Available Tools
Optical Encryption Device for Software Protection
An Algorithmic Analysis of Degressively Proportional Apportionments
Merging Two Steganography Techniques Adjusted to Improve Arabic Text Data Security
A Class of 3-Generated Groups
Evaluation Framework for Business Process Evaluation Approaches
Analysis of Fourier and Non-Fourier heat conduction using Tiknonov based Well-conditioned Asymptotic Waveform Evaluation Technique
Discrete Legendre Projection Methods for the Eigenvalue Problem of a Compact Integral Operator
Coupling Tuning Based Impedance Matching for Maximum Wireless Power Transfer Efficiency
Analytical Solution of Squeezing Unsteady Nanofluid Flow in the Presence of Thermal Radiation
Vibration Analysis of a Generator Anti-Vibration Rubber Mounts
Predicting Climatic Meteorological Parameters by Using the Artificial Dynamics Neural Networks: Case Study, Bushehr City
An Improved PAPR Reduction in OFDM Using Discrete Cosine Transform and Partial Transmit Sequence
Fuzzy Selfish Detection Ad hoc On-demand Distance Vector routing protocol (FSDAODV)
Ulam-Hyers Stability of Euler-Lagrange-Jensen- (a,b)-Sextic Functional Equations in Quasi-𝛽- Normed Spaces
Testing Exponentiality Against Overall Decreasing Life in Laplace Transform Order
Triple Positive Solutions of Higher-Order Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems
On Variance and Volatility Swaps in Oil Markets
The Application of the Shortest Path and Maximum Flow with Bottleneck in Traffic Flow of Kota Kinabalu
High Order Finite Difference Schemes for Solving Advection-Diffusion Equation
An Effective Algorithm for Instantaneous Position Estimation of Moving Source Based on TDOA-FDOA in WSN
Adopting Big Data Analytics Strategy in Telecommunication Industry
Surface Tension Instability in a Horizontal Nanofluid Layer
An Energy Efficient Method for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Non-overlap Sensing Range
Semantic Knowledge Retrieval KMS Components-Validating The Questionnaire Items
A Document-based Traceability Model: An Evaluation by Using Feature Analysis
Enhancement Data Integrity Checking Using Combination MD5 and SHA1 Algorithm in Hadoop Architecture
Application of the Galerkin Method with Chebyshev Polynomials for Solving the Integral Equation
Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process (FAHP) with Cosine Consistency Index for Coastal Erosion Problem: A Case Study of Setiu Wetlands
Remarks on Derivable Maps of Semi-prime Rings
A New Aggregation Operator Based on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Choquet Integral
Quantum Squeezing in Multichannel Nonlinear Coupler
On the Dual Hyperbolic Numbers and the Complex Hyperbolic Numbers
Parking Guidance and Authentication System
Density Functional Theory Calculation in Nuclei Cluster
Topological Properties like Separation Axioms Satisfying Properly Hereditary Property
Prediction of Ship Fuel Consumption and Speed Curve by Using Statistical Method
Customization of Software as a Service Application: Problems and Objectives
Compression Multi-Level Crypto Stego Security of Texts Utilizing Colored Email Forwarding
The Five Ws Taxonomy on Customization of Software as a Service Applications
\(H^1\)-Convergence of FEM-BDS for Linear Parabolic Interface Problems
Packet Length Covert Channels Crashed
Capacity Allocation Optimization using Offline Learning Differential Evolution Hyper-Heuristic
A New Version of the Accelerated FRFD Method for Solving Time-Fractional Diffusion Equations
Suppressing Order Reduction on 2-Stage Gauss Method
Frequency Analysis of Annual Maximum River Flow by Generalized Extreme Value Distribution with Bayesian MCMC
Numerical Solutions of Poisson Image Blending Problem using 4-EDGSOR Iteration
Reliable Secret Key Generation For Counting-Based Secret Sharing
Individual Behavior on Taxation: An Optimization Model
Weighted Sum-Dijkstra's Algorithm in Best Path Identification based on Multiple Criteria
Numerical Assessment of Anisotropic Diffusion Equation for Image Blurring Using SOR Iteration
Fuzzy Time Series Forecasting Model based on Centre of Gravity Similarity Measure