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While the amount of research activities that take place increases all around the world, the role of peer reviewers becomes significant to ensure the published content quality. To achieve the quality, we do appreciate research and academic activists and support them in enhancing and growing up the quality of published content.

Science and Knowledge Research Society invites you to join us as reviewer for the Journal of Computer Science & Computational Mathematics. As a reviewer, you can claim for the letter of appreciation which indicates your role as reviewer. You will be joined to the reviewers panel and on the reception of articles in your area of interest, the editorial team will contact you for reviewing the article.

Beneficiary points:
All reviewers will get letter of appreciation for each review.
Active reviewers will be rewarded with beneficiary Honorarium.
Please send your expression of interest to submission@jcscm.net
We shall interact with you to take this forward.

Thank You.
Editorial Team